Saturday 24 April 2010

37 and a bit weeks...

Just a quick update from me. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning, at 38 weeks (can you believe I got this far?!) and at that appointment we'll set a time for me to be induced early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Although I was very keen to avoid induction, I am getting a bit desperate now. I have had a heavy cold since last weekend (what's that all about?!) and I'm just so uncomfortable and heavy and tired and sleepless. Anyway, I'm very pleased that the boys are happy and healthy enough to stay where they are this long, but enough's enough.

I'm really excited now (in between the bouts of insomnia) and I'll definitely let you all know how it goes. Ross has always predicted that I'll get as far as the day I'm due to be induced, then I'll go into labour spontaneously, so we'll see! For now, every twinge or strange feeling makes me think it's all starting, but it's all wishful thinking.

Thinking of you all, hope I have some useful tips (and a couple of minutes to write to you all) in a week's time.

Monday 19 April 2010


15th November 2009

13th December 2009

28th February 2010 - 30 weeks

33 weeks

37 weeks

37 weeks - this week I have been mostly...

...speaking from home!

I am finally on maternity leave, which is great. So far I have realised that a) going to work was way too much, not least for my poor cankles and b) just because you do nothing all day doesn't mean you still have bad days. Even I must admit that I look huge today, and somehow yesterday was really hard. Never mind, today's a new day. I think that the 1 night in hospital was a bit of a watershed for me, after that I kind of admitted for the first time that this is getting bloody hard. Luckily after that I had a few days off, then the long Easter and Ching Ming weekend, so didn't work much since that time.

...getting impatient...

It's got to the stage now where I am contemplating the curry / leg massage / sex / grapefruit options! I just feel like I CAN'T WAIT ANY LONGER! I'm sure I'll regret this in a few weeks, as they're undoubtedly a lot easier to manage inside than out. Dr's appointment tomorrow, where we will talk about induction.

...thinking about labour again...

I have read a book about coping mechanisms which is great. It's Aussie, but many of the best things are here! Seems really practical and realistic. Of course when the time comes, I can't quite predict how I (and we) will turn this theory into practice, but I feel pretty well prepared now.

...worrying a little bit about breast-feeding...

I had my friend Millie with her 7 week old daughter Jemima around for tea the other day, and also Gretchen came over with 6 week old Thomas. Both have had problems to some extent with feeding, so I'm a bit nervous about that. There are lactation consultants in the hospital, but I have been told that they are a bit variable and don't speak English. I have a back-up plan if I get nowhere with them, I'm sure it'll work out one way or another. I have a special twin feeding cushion, which is great - it was 2nd hand like most of our things. That's one great thing about the lack of space here, everyone wants to get rid of baby stuff asap! The only things we have bought new are a small number of tiny baby clothes and sheets/blankets/Moses basket mattresses.

...having a baby shower...

Which was lovely! I totally wasn't planning to have one, until I went to Gretchen's and Millie's a couple of months ago. It was really good fun – everyone came to our flat and brought cupcakes / fruit / cookies / quiches / egg tarts, lots of yummy stuff! Lynette was here, which was kind of weird – she just sat on her bed, with the door open, staring into space... she likes to help (which is her job after all) but I find it pretty annoying when “helpful” people won't let me do such strenuous tasks as getting some plates out of the cupboard. Anyway, it'll all settle down. Lynette's back in the Philippines now as her visa ran out, and she'll be back in 4-6 weeks. My mum arrives on the 11th May, hurrah!

Sunday 18 April 2010