Thursday 30 August 2018


This is a guest post from Ross. I went to play squash with some ex-colleagues from HSBC up at Cloudlands on the peak one Saturday morning. First time I had played squash in, um, 30 years? Sounded like fun anyway. The day before I went I joked to colleague that perhaps I'd do what everyone on my project had seemingly done - rupture their Achilles.

After an hour of uneventful play (apart from the fact that I failed to win a single match - unsurprisingly!), I had "one last match". The fateful "one last. First ball, went to run for it and collapsed on the ground. My first thought was wondering why my friend and hit my ankle with his racket, but that was followed about 2 seconds later by the realisation that that's what everyone says when they do their achilles.

All this was back on August 4th, and it's 3 and a half weeks later now and I've just started with a Vacoped boot and can begin to hobble around. I think this is going to be a lengthy recovery.
A Vacoped boot

So, Cloudlands is pretty awesome, right up high next to the peak with amazing views both north and south, and a pool.
A building below Cloudlands

The pool with a view

The view to the south, Plantation Road below