Thursday 20 December 2012

Monday 17 December 2012

The Bay

CWB now has the most expensive retail rental prices in the world - must be time to move.

The Hong Kong Football Club Christmas Fair

Dashed from the wedding registry to a gorgeous lunch at The Upper House to the Christmas Fair at the Footy Club. Here are some pics.

Interviews and Chrissy tree

In other news, the boys have got interviews at the ESF Hillside Kindergarten, which is great. The ESF schools provide English-language schooling for English-speaking children who can't access the local school system. Hillside Kindergarten got 770 applications for 176 places this year, mental isn't it?

They're interviewing 200 kids for those 176 places, so our chances are fairly good. On the one hand I would love them to go to ESF because it is easy to get to, relatively affordable, and gives them priority to get into the ESF primary and then secondary schools. On the other hand, they are starting City Kids 5 afternoons a week in January (they'll be Bumblebees!), and although it is ho ho ma fan to get to and from, I do love that place. It reminds me so much of being little. We went to a Christmas party there the other day and the boys made jingle bell bracelets, red and white hats, reindeer puppets and candy canes. They sang songs and Santa (Grandma Christmas, as J and F call him) gave all the kids a present. It was super cute, we had a great time.

This is Felix and Miss Radhiya 

Ross, enthralled by Grandma Christmas

Our tree!! at last

Wednesday 12 December 2012

The time has come

It’s official people. We’re potty training. Watch this space for dry Buzz Lightyear pants.

The first few days have gone relatively well, with the exception of yesterday, when the boys chose to giggle for two hours instead of having a nap. The afternoon was characterized by a billion trips to the loo and lots of costume changes.

I spent a happy half hour last night (after I had recovered from the agony of having lost my beloved laptop) making a sparkly, spangly reward chart for the boys. They get a Thomas the Tank Engine sticker (let’s not discuss the fact that in these parts he’s called Thomas the Train) every time they use the potty or loo. Fascinating stuff huh? Bet you’re glad you came to the blog to see what we were up to.

Photos from the MOMs Christmas Party 2012

Thanks to Jasja, Han Willem and Jo for these

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Ooh, young man!

Remember this from Harry Enfield and Chums?

The Lovely Wobbly Randy Old Ladies

A deliberate contrast, on Enfield's part, to show the opposite of The Old Gits : Two lecherous old ladies who do not care who approaches them so long as the newcomer is male, and youthful. Their catchphrase is "Ooh! Young man!", which they repeat in an attempt to pass themselves off as 'nice little old ladies', while comparing young men they encounter to male celebrities of their young adulthood ("You're the spitting image of a young Lester Piggott").

And so it begins...

Sunday 2 December 2012