Thursday 30 June 2011

Special announcement for Mrs Kathy Bousch

There IS such a thing! not sure you'll get it at Wanchai computer centre though...

Tuesday 28 June 2011

My Little Gym

Took the boys to My Little Gym in Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay yesterday. Although it was a "free" trial class according to the website, it was $200 per child, so $400 for the overly-fertile amongst us....

I didn't think it was as good at My Kiddy Gym, which is where they usually go. MKG is bugging me to renew for another 12 sessions at the bargain, knock down price of $2,800...I think I will, because having been to 2 alternatives, I can see that MKG is the best. It's much more ambitious (we did one somersault each at the little gym, whereas the boys typically do a pike, double tuck and handstand in the average MKG class....) Also about 75 or 80% of the class at My Lttle Gym was free time to use the equipment, but there wasn't a great deal of equipment, and frankly I don't want to pay $250 a time to play with the boys, I can do that for free at home.

So back to MKG it is, although I am still in two minds about Mr Reggie's attitude to discipline...

Race Course Fire Memorial - II

We finally made it to the Race Course Fire Memorial, right at the end of our 25 day long visitor marathon. Phil and Oliver braved the nikniks and mosquitoes with us, and we all headed up the path at the side of the HK Stadium. It's virtually impossible to get lost on the way, as there are signs at each fork in the path.

It's a very impressive complex, and you would never guess that it's there, tucked away behind the stadium. We also saw all the foundations and floors of the old squatter settlements on the way up, very cool!

According to 80skid, a regular contributor to,

 "The memorial was originally built in 1922 on a small hill nearby named Coffee Garden Hill (named after 19th century plantations). The hill was levelled by the government in 1960 to built a sports stadium and the memorial shifted up the slopes. (The present stadium was rebuilt in the 1990s)"

We watched The World of Suzie Wong again, just to give the visitors an idea of what the squatter settlements might have looked like. Remembered how much we like the film, for goodness' sake!

Josh at Happy Valley Race Course

Sunday 19 June 2011