Thursday, 29 June 2017

Birthday party

We had a super long day yesterday, Grow Your Mind Day at QBS, followed by government health check in Chai Wan (faaar away) then back to Deep Water Bay beach for a birthday party. A lovely way to end the day.


Thought we didn't get a poem from the Govt health check this year - but it's ok, I found it at the bottom of the letter. Phew.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sea kayaking on Cheung Chau

Took the boys sea kayaking this Sunday on Cheung Chau. We hired two double kayaks from the Cheung Chau Windsurfing Centre, we hadn't booked but that wasn't a problem. Josh came with me, and Felix went with Ross. We paddled out from Kwun Yam beach across Tung Wan Beach, around the headland to Tung Wan Tsai.

We hopped out of the kayaks for a bit of a swim at Tung Wan Tsai, and while we were there some volunteers from the Hebe Association arrived to clean up the beach. So we gave them a hand, and filled up a trash sack with plastic straws, forks, bottles, lids and more. Then we paddled back to Kwun Yam and had a well-earned lunch at the windsurfing centre.

Tung Wan beach

Frozen pineapple and frozen watermelon

Curly wurly chip!

Thursday, 1 June 2017