Sunday 11 December 2016

Camping at Treasure Island

A few weeks ago we went camping at Treasure Island, Pui O beach, Lantau. We had an awesome time, the kids adored the activities and the instructors were really kind and engaging. We did kayaking, stand-up paddle boarding, raft building, orienteering and making a shelter.

Gourmet breakfast!

Our luxurious abode

The kids helping themselves to chocolate for breakfast when they thought no one was looking!

BBQ prepared by the kids

Beautiful Pui O sunset

Bevvies for the mummies and daddies

Maverick's for lunch

Casting shoot!

St Stephen's School Christmas fair

St Stephen's might be the only Christmas Fair where Santa arrives by helicopter!


I saw this rather pretty flower over the wall by the bus stop. It's called a stinking passionflower. We've also seen a lot of wild boar over the fence, down in the jungly bit. I heard them oinking away the other night too!

Last day of term!

Pak fuk road safety town

Had a surprisingly good time yesterday at the pak fuk road safety town. Josh and Felix LOVED it. You don't need to book, just turn up. Luckily the boys' bikes can both fit in the back of a taxi at the moment, maybe not once they have new bikes!

Tuesday 6 September 2016

Pinyin song

Thursday 1 September 2016

Wednesday 24 August 2016

First Day of School

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The Invisible Thread

This evening we read The Invisible String by Patrice Karst.

Since we got back from the UK nearly three weeks ago, Felix has had huge problems getting to sleep on his own. He desperately wants me to sleep in his bed with him, he keeps getting out of bed to give me one more hug, one more kiss....all incredibly sweet until about 11pm when the charm begins to wear off. One of the teachers at school recommended this to me. It is absolutely perfect for Felix - not only is it about being loved even though you're apart, it's also about bedtime, and it's also about twins!

BBQ On Shek O Beach

We spent a few relaxing hours on Shek O beach at the weekend, having a BBQ and taking advantage of the shade! You can book at BBQ pit at Liu's (+852 2809 4579) which is on the far left hand side of the beach. You need to bring food and cutlery, but Liu's will provide charcoal, a grill and tongs. You can get drinks and marshmallows there too. We booked the pit for 1pm and had it till 6pm - it was nice to have some shade once we'd been on the beach for a while!


Just a few days in Shanghai in April, as Ross was going for a work event and we decided to tag along. We met up with my friend Jacqui who lives in Shanghai. She was a fantastic host and looked after us really well. Such a treat to see the city with her.

We bought SIM cards for China before we left HK; they made life SO much easier! Definitely worth doing. Also your data connection is still through HK so you can access Google and Facebook etc even though you are in China.

7 April
Maglev from Pudong to Longyang Road, taxi to Marriott Courtyard on Hengfeng Rd

Lunch with Jacqui at Yang's Dumplings, SML Centre
Walk around Tianzifang, coffee at Kommune

Swim at the hotel
Dinner at Pop at Three on the Bund

8 April
Shanghai Urban Planning Museum

Ocean Aquarium
Jinmao Tower
Bund Sightseeing Tunnel
Dinner at Lost Heaven with Jacqui and Phil

9 April
Science & Technology Museum
Walk with Jacqui around Former French Concession
Afternoon tea and mochi

10 April
Yang's Dumplings
Flew back from Hongqiao Airport.