Monday 12 March 2012

Saturday 10 March 2012

Thursday 8 March 2012

Good times!

We have had some really fun times with the boys recently. They are awesome if we take them out for dinner. Last night we get the bus from Hillside Kindergarten to Wan Chai, and ate early at Pizza Express. Ross joined us there and the boys were thrilled to see him (and really didn't want to let him go to work this morning!) They were so good, quiet, ate some pizza and dough balls, well behaved...even the waitress, who was pregnant, was smiling indulgently at them.

And the other night I had a supremely decadent foot massage at Health Creative with Little Miss Sunshine, accompanied by a bottle of Veuve. This place must be good, since the Financial Secretary goes there (according to the interweb)

Then the next day we went to the gym to atone for our sins. Cali Fitness, the shittest cheapest gym in town, has closed down in Causeway Bay, temporarily at least, so we went to the Wan Chai Club. Not sure why they call it a club. Surely that implies a sense of belonging? Anyway, it was lovely to have someone to explore with me - we haven't been before, so we had to work out where the changing room was, where to pick up towels, all that malarkey. Then we got 2 treadmills side by side, directly next to the window which looks out onto that big Wan Chai walkway. Thousands of people must have walked past. And one poor guy was standing there, offering leaflets. I don't think he got rid of a single one while we were there.

Friday 2 March 2012

In other news...

Josh has realised that he can copy what we say. So he has added the following to the list:

  • Dada
  • Mama
  • Day
  • Ear 
  • Baby

Awesome right?! better late than never. Let's gloss over twin 2, he's just biding his time. He won't say anything until he's 3, but by the age of 4 he'll have a job as a speech writer I reckon.

We had a great time at Hong Kong Park the other day. The boys were really interested for the first time in the fish, the terrapins, the flowers, the birds, and everything else. It was lovely to see them having such fun.

We also saw Daddy's office. He won't be there long as he's moving over to Olympic. Did you know that:

The station was originally named Tai Kok Tsui in proposals outlined by the government in the Airport Core Programme during the 1990s. In 1996, however, when Lee Lai Shan won the first ever Olympic gold medal of Hong Kong in windsurfing at the Atlanta 1996 Summer Olympics and two Hong Kong sportsmen, Cheung Yiu Cheung and Chiu Chung Lun, also won Gold medals in Paralympic Games of the same year, the (then under construction) station was renamed Olympic on 16 December 1996, paying tribute to those achievements of Hong Kong athletes. The station is decorated with the pictures of 1996 Summer Olympics and is named after the Olympic Movement.

Fascinating isn't it? Or isn't it? Thanks Wikipedia, don't know what I'd do without you.

Lei Shit Court

The gradual destruction of Lei Shit Court continues. Here is the scene of devastation down the hallway from us. It used to be 5 flats (can you believe it?!)

While everyone has a right to renovate, and the noise is annoying but understandable, I wish they didn't make such a horrific mess in our corridor, in the lift, downstairs....and the workmen (and ladies) smoke in the corridor which irritates me. Unfortunately the lift nearest our flat is broken (i am reliably informed that that's what the note below says) so all of the rubble that is being created must leave the building via the only other lift on this floor, meaning that there is not much room for passengers between 9am and 6 pm.