Monday 28 January 2019

Running for The PSP Association

My simply splendid uncle Quentock (known to some as Colin) was diagnosed a while ago with PSP (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy). It is a little-known  neurological condition caused by the premature loss of nerve cells in certain parts of the brain, and the effect it has is pretty devastating. Daily life presents huge challenges for Colin and those around him. 

The PSP Association provides practical & emotional support and information for those living with PSP and they also fund research into treatments and ultimately a cure.

I decided to raise money for the PSP Association at the ESF Run on 26th January 2019. There's still time to donate to the PSPA if you can. 

At 8:30 I ran 10km on my own, beating my personal best for a time of 52 minutes which I was immensely proud of. Then at 11.30 Josh, Felix and I ran 3km in the family race. The boys were exhausted afterwards, but they enjoyed it! Felix whooshed off right from the start, while Josh was running with buddies from his year group. Quarry Bay School won the award for the ESF school with the most participants - QBS loves to run! As well as heaps of students, 11 teachers ran the 10k. We have been training together for a while, and I couldn't have done it without their support and encouragement (particularly Anna's).  

I found it so hard in the first couple of kilometers as my pace isn't that fast so everyone was overtaking me. But I kept slogging on, telling myself that I usually end up ok because I don't really slow down as much as other people around the 7 / 8km mark. I was thrilled to finish just a few paces behind Anna, my running mentor! I got super wheezy around 7km and it was hard going, but I thought of Josh, Felix and Ross waiting for me, and I thought of Colin and the money we were raising. I thought of so many hilarious times in Cornwall, I thought of how wonderful it was for us all to pile in to Fanty and Quentock's house on Boxing Day this year, I thought of the times at Rojano's, I thought of talking to Colin while he watches the Tour de France, or the golf. I thought of how happy it makes him to see his gorgeous grandson singing Paw Patrol, and baby shark! Lots of thoughts to keep me going. 

We raised 200GBP for the PSP Association, very worthwhile.