Monday 28 May 2012

Thursday 17 May 2012


I had lunch yesterday with I and P, two work colleagues. Being the only gweilo in the office, I often take the opportunity to pick their brains about local customs and opinions. Here's what they had to say on how to identify mainland Chinese visitors. Obviously, we are totally into the realm of the slightly politically incorrect stereotype here, but just go with me on this one.
  1. The women wear flesh-coloured pop socks whatever the weather, especially with sandals or slippers. 
  2. The men wear smart leather shoes and suit trousers with a (usually tucked-in) tshirt
  3. Both men and women ALWAYS drag a rolly case along behind them in which to store all their purchases from Mannings / Watsons. I saw someone in Mannings this morning buying $5,000 worth of baby formula.
  4. Around Times Square, you can usually see a number of Chinese tourists sleeping. The preferred "bed" is the afore-mentioned rolly bag. Yesterday there was a family of three asleep outside Salvatore Ferragamo. You can see pics of Chinese Sleeping here. It's just more socially acceptable. 
Just to try and even things up, maybe I can offer a couple of stereotypes about Ying Gwok Yan (English people)

  1. We always wear shorts, flip flops (thongs / slippers, depending on whether you are Aussie or Flippa) and vest tops, whatever the weather. 
  2. We tut loudly at all the people who are inconsiderately in our way on OUR pavement (I have largely stopped doing this since pushing a stroller around the city - life's a lot easier at the median pace of whatever pavement you are on)
  3. We're all obsessed with football
Any more to add?

Friday 4 May 2012

what we've been doing

Hiding in Granny and Baba's suitcase

Eating gloopy chinese food in Mui Wo from fabulously retro baby chairs and bowls

Taking the slow boat to Central

Giving our love to Lyuba at the IFC

Getting dolled up by men in mantyhose

Sniggering at funny slogans

Encouraging our taxi driver to take a break from his toxic cab

Eating choccy cake

Getting ready for BALLET with Hoppit

Actioning late night spag bol for Daddy