Wednesday 20 November 2013

What's in a name?

Here are some of the more inventive names I've come across recently.
Collar, who works at Hysan Place
Likey, Milk, Creamy and Yogurt who are all fans of The Hong Kong Ballet on Facebook (bit of a dairy theme there)
Echo, who works in Jason's
Money, a waitress at pizza express
Wasabi and Peggi (a guy) who work at Lab ice cream
762 who is a videographer with a brother called Buffet (allegedly)
Paprika, who advertised for an English proof-reader
Walkman, a partner at PWC
I have also been served in shops and restaurants by people called Champagne and Purple.
I had an email the other day from Cannes, and there are people at the office named Idy, Vency, Yoyo and Swani.
Bingo, who works at Hong Kong cultural centre
I'm going to ask my Canto tutor (whose name, boringly, is Joey) all about names this week. Some of the odd names have come about because people choose their own names when they are kids.