Monday 25 May 2009

The day that the rain came down

Actually, it started a few days ago, and hasn’t stopped since. So after weeks of moaning that weekends were too busy, and we never got a chance to relax, I had relaxation thrust upon me this weekend. And man was I bored. Ross still sailed, despite the downpour, and came home with the usual quota of bumps and bruises. Meanwhile, I had braved Causeway Bay, for a spot of shopping. Now, it’s usually quite frustrating to walk around in HK for many reasons 1) it is often uncomfortably warm to walk any distance 2) the pavements are very narrow, and most importantly 3) people walk veeeeerrrryyyy sloooooowly. And they don’t look where they are going, stop dead in the middle of the street, generally weave about and make life difficult. Which is why we often walk on the road not the pavement (don’t tell the police). Now imagine that scenario when it’s still 25 degrees (nice and sticky!), it is absolutely pissing with rain, there are about 500,000 people walking around Causeway Bay, and every one of them has a big fat umbrella just waiting to poke your eye out. Then try to get those people to move through a bottleneck-y bit of the street in an orderly fashion. Not gonna happen. It’s like that situation where the traffic lights go out of order at a roundabout and utter chaos ensues, even though everyone patently knows how to tackle a roundabout with no traffic lights.

Anyway… I went to the Football Club for lunch yesterday, very nice. We sat outside under the covered bit and watched the rain slant ever closer to horizontal. Also Brunch Club and Supper (odd name huh?) has opened on Leighton Road, and it is very lovely. The food is ok in the evenings, and more importantly they do great brunch – lots of egg options and stuff as well as healthy muesli + fruit. It’s also a really nice venue, much better than the pokey little one in CWB. It has loads of magazines, a piano, an OK view, and a kind of (fake) industrial loft feel. Recommended!

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