Monday 13 July 2009


Bet you're all dying to hear about Langkawi, OK, maybe that's a slight exaggeration. But I feel I should record it for posterity anyway.

Flew to Langkawi via KL, all very smooth. Slightly surprised to be offered beer at 9am, but not complaining.

Got a taxi from the airport to the Royal Langkawi Yacht Club, just half an hour or so. Much of the journey was through settlements very reminiscent of Indonesia and Cebu - maybe that's what they mean by Malaysia Truly Asia - Malaysia Same As Everywhere Else in Asia. Bit of a generalisation maybe. Sunsail guy, Andy, was super chilled, really nice and helpful. We took our bags across to Princess Anna, our floating home for the next week, and then Andy gave us a lift to the supermarket so we could stock up. Ross actually bought Corned Beef in a tin - obviously we didn't eat that.

We spent the first night in the marina, getting used to sleeping in a 35' sauna without air conditioning.

First day's sailing - let me just mention now that if you're chartering a yacht, you might want to check that it has above deck GPS - we had this in the BVI, and it makes navigating a whole shed load easier. And lazier.

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  1. Are the yacht photos of Langkawi? I feel slightly better knowing that was a holiday, not just your everyday life...



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