Monday 2 April 2012

Poisson d'avril

Did you April Fool? no, nor did we.

I remember the good old days when Uncle Hairy and I used to get up early to prepare such treasures as covering the loo seat with clingfilm, and swapping the contents of the cereal boxes. So when Daddy came to prepare his speciality Coco Pops and custard combo, he'd tip the Coco Pops box, and out would come cornflakes. Hilarious. Good times.

Not much has happened of late. The boys have been learning lots more words, including zoom, door, moon, pull, cop cop (helicopter), bowl, toes, toast (quite similar those two), elbow, knee, dog, heart, tick while they may not tick off the list of 25 words every two year old should know*, they've got their own plan for progress towards communication.

I've been thinking more lately about our place here. I have suddenly experienced a hankering for more local food. Back in the Wan Chai days, we used to go out for dinner every night to a random eatery on Jaffe or Lockhart Road. Sometimes it was successful, sometimes not. Sometimes we didn't really know what we were ordering, but most of the restaurants had English menus, so it didn't happen every day.

Recently we have got into a habit of eating Western food, or Westernized Chinese. Which is bad, not to mention over-priced. So I am taking the bull by the horns and picking out places to eat whose names I can't read. We went to Mak's Noodles on Leighton Road the other day; apparently it's in the HK & Macau Michelin guide, but I don't know why. Seemed pretty mediocre to me. But it did remind me of how awesome oyster sauce is.

* I was going to add a link to this article, but when I googled it the first result was on Which makes me think perhaps it's not based on a highly respected scientific analysis.

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