Thursday 28 June 2012

Next stop...

Ma Hang Park. This sounds awesome. According to

Officially opened in January 2011,  Stanley Ma Hang Park is an attractive 50,000 square-metre cliffside park set in a cliffside location near Murray House. Features include boardwalks, Butterfly Garden, Heritage Corner, Sea View Terrace, Sea Breeze Patio, Fitness Deck, Bird Watching Corner, Educational Trail, Hill Top Plaza and wind turbines. The tiny Pak Tai Temple, perched precariously on the cliff-edge and adjacent ancient well are included within the bounds of the park and footpaths throughout the park offer scenic views over Stanley Bay. 

but when I tried to look for an official page about it on the webbernet, this is all I found.

Actually Hongkongaxtras is a great site, especially the page about What's New, very interesting and up to date.

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