Thursday 9 January 2014

An awfully big adventure

Ross and I went for a little wander today around our new neck of the woods. Not satisfied with roads, we prefer to take the dodgy looking, mosquito infested paths....

We know that the Mount Caroline Cemetery is nearby, I didn't think it was where we were, but maybe it was.... We explored two areas, firstly a rocky promontory just off Tai Hang Road. To get to it, we just walked down the path at the side of the playground near the junction of Tai Hang Road and Perkins Road

As you walk along, you get to a locked gate, but the wire in the fence next to the gate has been pulled back, so you can get through. There's a large flattened area at the top of the path, pitted with three fairly large craters. There are also the remains of some steps, and a building which may have been a military post. You can also get a peek of the Wesley Hostel from here.

There are strange nutty things all over the ground

A view of Jardine's Lookout through the trees

There's a huge boulder at the edge of the clearing, with a shrine on the side and a carved stone on top, that looks like it once said Mt Caroline Cemetery

After exploring there, we went back towards Tai Hang Road, then turned off onto another path. This path led down through what was once the So Kon Po settlement area. 

There are the remains of the village all the way down. If you follow the path (again you have to go through a pulled back bit of wire) you end up almost at the stadium, where there's a little hut that's clearly used frequently, and has boxes of flowers planted outside. On the way down the hill, you can see where the water gushes through in storms, and there's lots of debris caught in the wire fence that has been caught up. We saw this carved stone, I'm not sure what it represents. It says No. 13 at the bottom, but I'm not sure what would have been above that.

The hut at the bottom of the path

A shrine near the bottom

A jack fruit tree

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