Thursday 20 March 2014

Car Share Adventure

We had a bit of an exploration adventure this weekend, driving a car in Hong Kong for the first time. We've been here almost 6 years now and we literally haven't driven a mile in all that time. Standard car hire is a bit of a hassle, pricey and you never what you're going to get but a new site launched here recently that let's people rent out their own cars. There are similar services in the UK and the US, but an online service like this is pretty rare in Hong Kong. You can find it at, and can rent by the hour or the day.

So we finally got around to converting our UK licences into HK ones, and finally got approved on their site, then reserved someone's VW Golf over in North Point, for the day. It was all very smooth.
We planned to go see Cath and Holly in Stanley for breakfast, then go to Kadoorie farm out in the New Territories. In the end we were in Stanley on our own, but it was fun driving down there.

The drive out to the New Territories was a bit more complicated, and when we finally got a Kadoorie we found it really hard to park anywhere sensible. With a bit more planning it would probably be good, but we decided to just go the Wetland Park instead which we hadn't been to before.

 Then we crossed over to the other side of the New Territories, another half hour trip, to Bride's Pool. This a waterfall and pool on the edge of a Country Park. Supposedly a bride on her way to a wedding was dropped from her carriage in an accident an died here a long time ago.

Playing in the pool was fun, until Felix fell in and got his shoe wet! Josh's face in the background is awesome:

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