Friday 26 June 2015

From Josh's Tiger Class website, written by Laura Bousfield

The Tigers re-visited our unit of inquiry “Who We Are” and this time looked into the concept of change. We started off by discussing changes the children have experienced, such as starting at kindergarten, moving from K1 to K2, going on holiday, moving house or welcoming the addition of a new brother or sister. We then inquired into our next upcoming change – moving on to a new class! 

We read the book “I’m absolutely too small for school (Charlie and Lola)” by Lauren Child and discussed connections, similarities, and differences between the Tiger class and their new class. Using hula-hoops we then made a Venn diagram comparing our Tiger class with their new class. We looked at various picture props and the children placed them in the hula-hoop, depending on if they expected to use or to do similar things in their new class as compared to our current class. The children noted that there would be some similarities such as bringing a snack and water bottle!


The Tigers love to bake and this interest inspired us to get creative and in touch with our emotions on how we are feeling about our new classes. We re-visited the book “My Many Coloured Days” by Dr. Seuss to choose different colours to represent how we feel about our new class. The children then mixed those colours into the cake mix to create cupcake art.  We also demonstrated an increasing understanding of measurement and numbers while following the recipe. 


The children had great fun playing a Lego game which emphasized the importance of good communication and listening so that we could quickly assimilate into our new classes. The children took turns to create a Lego structure, on their own and out of sight, and then returned to the table to explain to the others how to create it. The children quickly realised it was very important to say exactly what they mean to avoid confusion and to listen to instructions carefully.
We also had a visit from Iris who is in Year 3 at Bradbury School. She talked to us about what she does at Bradbury and some of the things you need to remember to pack and bring with you to primary school. 

Lastly we created a map of Hong Kong and stuck pictures of the entrances to our new classes on the map. The Tigers then had great fun drawing their new school uniform and stuck themselves on the map too. Please enjoy a few photos from our last unit of inquiry!!

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