Friday 18 March 2011

Update - almost 11 months old

The boys' development just doesn't stop! They are getting around all over the place now, both crawling really well all over the new, improved, expanded baby zone. All of Mummy and Daddy's AV equipment and other valuable items (eg remote controls) have moved to a height of three feet or more.

The fave game at the moment is to take all the plastic balls from the second shelf of the bookcase, and move them up to the third shelf, which they can't really reach. Then they screech until the balls fall back down's joyful.

Felix can balance really well on his own, but has not taken any steps yet. I try to encourage him by moving back so he can't grab onto me, and has to take a step to reach me...unfortunately he just takes a deep breath and falls forward, totally confident that I will catch him (which I do of course)

We took them to Wise Kids in Causeway Bay yesterday, which was quite good fun. There's no class, just 1 1/2 hour sessions in their padded playroom, for HK$120 per child. There are lots of toys around - Felix loved playing the Tolo toy trumpet, not least because when he made a sound everyone turned to look and clap (he's quite the performer that one). They also loved a wooden climbing frame with a little tunnel. The tunnel had holes in the sides, and they were mesmerized by me appearing somewhere, then somewhere else, then somewhere else, then sticking my finger through the hole etc ad nauseam. There was another little (Chinese) boy there called Oliver who was with his granny. I think he was about 5. His granny was totally engrossed in her Nintendo DS so she didn't play with him or talk to him at all. Luckily, the staff there are lovely and they played with him lots, so he was soon giggling away.

The photos are rather blurry unfortunately. That might have something to do with the fact that my phone is frequently used as a teething aid.

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