Tuesday 29 March 2011

Walking tall, playing games, stranger danger and BIRTHDAY!

Joshy took his first few unaided steps last Wednesday, just before he turned 11 months. Then Felix walked too on the Friday - their 11 month birthday. Ever since then, it's non-stop, Josh especially wants to walk ALL the time (why crawl?!) and they are progressing so much every day. Today when I came home from work (and got clambered on) Josh was already walking from sofa to bookshelf to window sill, instead of cruising around. I'm very impressed.

They have also started playing games - Felix loves peekaboo, I say "Where's Felix?" and he lifts up the muslin or towel or whatever over his head, then he drops it down again so I say "Peekaboo!" He does it again and again....very sweet! He also played a little game this morning - I rolled the ball to him, he picked it up and put it in the cup he was holding, shook it around for a bit, then took the ball out and gave it to me. Repeat again and again......

Josh has had a few issues recently with people other than me, Ross or Vergenia. Especially if there are a few people around, he gets very upset if we try to give him to someone else to hold, even if it's someone that he knows really well and has played with a thousand times. It's odd. Felix is having his own Mummy issues (although really he's totally Daddy's boy) because if I carry Josh, Felix wants in on the action so he grabs at my legs and screams until I pick him up too. They're almost 10kg each now, so it's quite a load!

The boys' birthday is coming up soon, on Easter Monday, so Ross suggested that we should have an Easter themed party, so Cath and I went crazy in the cake decorating section of City Super last night. We're going to go all Easter on their asses. Bunnies and chicks aplenty.

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