Thursday 4 August 2011

Lifestyle, darling!!

I've started seeing a new doctor because the old one in Central was very lovely, but extortionately expensive. You can tell we've been here a few years, because I can't be bothered to schlep all the way into Central any more (it's about 4km away). So I now go to Dr Lisa Cham in The World Trade Centre (naturally), who seems very good so far. I had a blood test there last week - I took Joshemy and he was way braver than me. Which is not saying much.

I spoke to the Dr about the thyroxine that I'm taking, and also Prozac. I asked if there's any benefit to stopping the Prozac, and she didn't really come up with any, other than "you're still young". Her suggestion is that at some point in the near future, we try to decrease my dose, while making lifestyle changes to make me happier without relying on chemicals. But I'm not sure that I can make many improvements. Anti-depressants aside, things are great. I have wonderful friends, a supportive husband, and an amazing helper. I get plenty of exercise, eat well, and get lots of time outside.  I have a job that's interesting and stimulating but not too stressful, I have a 10 minute commute, and a boss I really like and respect. 

And yet....I still need anti-depressants. I won't go into the details, but I have been a bit unwell (so's Ross actually) for a few days, and as a result it seems like the Prozac is having little effect. Which, I hope is why I had a complete meltdown last night. I could hear myself saying things that made no sense, and I got so short-tempered and impatient with the boys. But everything's better today, now that my body is finally retaining some nutrients, and I had 9 hours of sleep last night!

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