Thursday 4 August 2011

Meanwhile, in other news....

This morning the boys came to say goodbye to me before going to bed for their nap. They have both recently learned to kiss on demand (although their performance is rather erratic) and they both went to kiss me at the same time and accidentally headbutted each other! Whoops. Too cute.

They've started doing puzzles. Felix is relatively patient and can just about finish the Nurse out of the Early Learning Centre set. They are also into drawing and painting - it looked like a very bloody murder had taken place in the flat last week! Red footprints everywhere. I have come to the conclusion that chalks are best, although they break they are easy to make marks with. Crayons are ok too, but they have to be a bit more precise which is a challenge.

We're now going to the next class up at My Kiddy Gym, which is for 18-24 months. I took Josh to the Tuesday class, where there were 3 kids. Then I took Felix to the Wednesday class where there were about 20 kids! it was a little bit chaotic....actually it's usually the parents who are out of control, not the kids.

We've also signed up for ArtPlay at Kids' Gallery in the Coda Plaza. It doesn't start for a while, but should be good fun. The boys enjoy making a mess, so it'd be nice to do it somewhere without sofas!

Off to the viewing floor at ICC with Cath and HP today. From here it looks like a lovely day, so I hope we get good views.

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