Thursday 8 November 2012

Terrible Twos

Found this article on Mumsnet about kids aged 2 1/2. F and J are now 2 years and 6.5 months, so it seems appropriate right now. There are some gems in there, like this:

It's hard to make her happy, although funnily enough there is a sense of humour lurking - due to emerge closer to three. You can feel that you are in a permanent state of war with your little two and a half year old - while she is trying to decide how to live her life (somewhat prematurely as it turns out) you are trying to fathom out just what on earth her problem is.
The trick is to be completely saintly yourself. Poor love, she doesn't like making herself or you unhappy; she's not really a manipulative, selfish little beast - so set aside enough time for her to try to dress herself, feed herself and bath herself without urging her to get a move on.

Sass has prepared a similar briefing sheet for her daughter, just in case she's finding this age tricky too.

Your mother will turn into a screaming banshee when you are two and a half. She will boss you around, make you do jobs, put you in a naughty corner. You may be force fed. The amount of books read at bed time will seriously diminish. She will develop a sigh. Thr black marks under her eyes will not diminish until your first year at school. She will have tantrums. She will yell a lot at daddy. She msy even give thr person who steals your taxi the finger. She will use lots of words beginning with s and f. She may appear thirsty snd refuse to drink out of a glass if it doesn't have a long stem.
Good luck little one!

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  1. Hey Sarah, was just web surfing when i came across this. Just wanted say hi and plz give my love to the boys.
    kriti highgate xo


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