Tuesday 14 October 2008

Haaaaarly vinimous...

Came across our first genuine snake the other day. It was a catchily-named Trimeresurus stejnegeri, known to his friends as Bamboo Viper, or Chinese Tree Snake.

We saw it as we were walking along Bowen Road, which is quite a narrow road above the top of mid-levels. It's a lovely, shady path which is mostly car-less. It's a great place to get an alternative view of Central and mid-levels, the back of all these buildings is arguably more interesting than the front. And you don't see this view on so many postcards! You get fascinating glimpses as you walk along of little colonial relics which have somehow survived - most of them are covered with moss and showing signs of 50+ years of decay in the tropical climate.

Check out the angel holding a basketball:

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