Tuesday 14 October 2008

Slimly Cup, Hana Hana et al

City Super in Causeway Bay has a splendid "lifestyle" section, which is well worth an hour's wandering (IMHO). My faves are the Japanese beauty contraptions. Among those I saw yesterday are the "Slim Mouth Piece" made by Noble which is designed to give you a smaller, more refined mouth;

I also liked the Hana Hana, which looks suspiciously like one of those synchronised swiming nose clips, and promises to make your nose slimmer. Then of course there's the Kai Eyebrow guide which you hold against your face so that you can see where to shave (yes, shave) off your eyebrows.

The undisputed winner of the crazy award is the "Slimly Cup". The package proudly proclaims "It is a cupping in the anxious part. Let's beautifully tighten the body". Indeed. The idea is that you squish this thing onto an area of the body that you want to slim (upper arms for example) and then let it expand again, so that it sucks the skin of your upper arm into it. No, I don't get it either.

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