Friday 31 October 2008

We're back, and Hong Kong's not happy

We're back in the Big Lychee, arrived yesterday at Chek Lap Kok I think - it was so hazy that I couldn't be sure. It's lovely to be home, and top of my list of newly appreciated facets of HK life are a) clean toilets and b) the ability to pass through a public place without being the unwitting "celebrity" in several lucky bystanders' photos.

However, all is not well here. I met Ross for lunch today, check out the scene that greeted us outside Ross's office when we got back:

It was an orderly but noisy protest, which the police just about managed to control. I even got trampled on by a policeman, how exciting. The procession then headed off down the road to the Standard Chartered building (next to the main HSBC building), led by a big gong and a lady with a big microphone and a bigger issue.

I suspect it's due to growing anger among the citizens who purchased various investments linked to Lehman Brothers - allegations of mis-selling have been levelled at ABN Amro in particular - many of the protestors banners said RBS or ABN (I think they are in the process of integrating here).

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