Tuesday 1 February 2011

Biting & Balancing

Joshemy seems, so far, unable to tackle any sort of food that's more challenging than goo. All the books encourage giving your baby "finger food" and of course there are lots of (over-priced) products on the market to choose from. Toast, soft carrot sticks and bits of apple all work well too. The thing is, Josh is rather over-ambitious, and he always ends up with too much in his mouth, so he gags, then spews everything all over the place.

Felix is a bit more skilled in this department; he knows how to bite, so if you hold out a piece of toast to him, he'll chomp down with his two little gnashers, then move his head back, so that the piece comes off in his mouth. Joshy just sort of chews on the toast without ever actually biting a piece off and chewing that inside his mouth.

Now that they have mastered the art of pulling themselves up from sitting to standing, they are happy to do that all day. Josh started moving just 2 weeks ago, and since then he has already learnt to pull himself up, stand, balance with only one hand on the window sill, and today both boys were standing side on to the window sill, holding a toy in each hand, leaning slightly against the window sill for support. Also Josh was standing in the middle of the baby cage for a while, just holding onto Verginia's tshirt with one hand. He has better balance than his parents....

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