Thursday 10 February 2011

Gainful employment once more

HK Happy Valley Blue Pool Road 60 UNICEF n The HK Ballet

Well to be honest it's not terribly gainful, but one makes sacrifices when one works in The Arts. It's not quite like Media.

I have started doing a bit of part-time work for the Hong Kong Ballet, with my lovely boss from Disney. It's just proof-reading and copy-writing at the moment, and might only last a couple of months, but at least I am earning a bit of pocket money, and doing something that I genuinely enjoy. What could be more "Me" than copywriting for the HK Ballet?! Too good an opportunity to miss.

I went to the office yesterday which is in Happy Valley. It's an old (OLD) Jockey Club building, which was donated to HK Ballet in the 50's and I'm pretty confident that it has barely been touched since. It is exactly how I imagined it would be - pretty rundown, rather sad-looking, and sporting those strange features that are characteristic of buildings all over HK - there's no consistency in design or layout, rooms are subdivided into smaller rooms with "wooden" panelling, the bathrooms are, um, authentic, and every available surface is crammed with stuff. I love it. It's just exactly the sort of tumbledown, ramshackle labyrinth that a ballet company's offices should inhabit. And what's more, the Education & Outreach office has mirrors and a double barre all the way round the outside of the room. Awesome.

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