Wednesday 16 February 2011

Twins at 9 1/2 months

The boys are growing up so fast! They have been invited to two First Birthday Parties already, and we are planning a Three Little Piggies themed party for This One, That One and Holly Polly. Watch this space!

In the last few days they have both begun to show a lot more interest in the That's Not My Tiger and That's Not My Pirate books that Uncle Hairy gave them. They like to reach out and feel the furry ears on the tiger, and the bumpy eye patch on the pirate.

Felix has been renamed Muffin - it's an anglicization of the Cantonese "ma fan", meaning troublesome. He's very screechy at the moment. I think it's mostly due to frustration because he still can't move around like Josh. He can wriggle on his tummy, but has not quite got the hang of proper crawling. So no AV set-up destruction for Felix!

A favourite game at the moment is to sit them both in their highchairs, and throw a big muslin over their heads, then they race to get out first, it's very sweet. They always look very proud of themselves once they manage it.

Josh has started saying "mamamama", and Felix now has a top tooth. It's just broken through the gum, but once it is fully emerged I think it'll make him look quite different. His fave habit is wrinkling his nose, and once that reveals a new fang he'll look very grown-up.

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  1. love the wrinkled nose grin, must get that from his mummy!


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