Tuesday 30 September 2008

Body Jam!

On Saturday afternoon I went to a Body Jam class at mYoga in Causeway Bay, with a friend who is a member of the club. It was hilarious...a great, extremely high energy class with good music. However, there were a few things that took me by surprise. Firstly, the Instructor, along with his 5 sidekicks, did a little dance performance before the class. This provided ample opportunities for the 50 or so people attending the class to take lots of photos of the gang. I was slightly taken aback by the whole 6 instructors thing too - the class was in English, because the instructor had flown in specially from Holland to launch the new class. I was the only other gweilo, so good job he was there or I would have been quite lost. So we had 10 mins or so of this Dutch guy leading the class, then each of the other members of the gang had a go instructing too. The instructors all had a kind of uniform on - a hat or cap (preferably worn backwards) big baggy white tshirt, big baggy white shorts, knee-high white socks and white trainers. Apart from those who had tin foil style trainers. I should probably add at this point that all the instructors were male. We had a little chat with the Dutch guy afterwards, who told us that they've got "a new release coming up" - luckily my friend understood this as Body Jam-speak for "a new class starting soon".

It was rather surprising in many ways, but I really enjoyed it, and got an excellent workout. Think Tim Westwood leading a funked-up, air-conditioned version of the aerobics classes I used to do at Borehamwood Municipal Leisure Centre.

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