Thursday 18 September 2008

When you're gone...

This past weekend saw a night out of legendary proportions. Mr K. Narayanan, aka BA's best customer, was in town for two nights only. It was only fair to start the night at Zuma, where Matteus treated us to a veritable feast of unsurpassed scrumptiousness. Our discreetly located table allowed us to indulge in all manner of speculation, and downright gossip. We rarely managed to see Krishnan in London (see the frequent flyer status mentioned above) so we made the most of this opportunity.

We then moved on to the infamous Dragon-i, where we were joined by several BA air hostesses, as well as a (unfortunately limited) number of our friends who could make it. From this point on, drinks were drunk, dances were danced, phenomenally large bills were average Saturday night in Hong Kong.

The next morning, feeling somewhat the worse for wear, we stumbled to The Pawn, in Wanchai, where we had superlative Virgin Marys and excellent roast chicken.

Over brunch we hatched an extraordinarily good plan, involving Meryl Streep, 2 1/2 hours of darkness and plenty of potential for a nice kip. Yes, we bought tickets for the cheese-fest of the year, Mamma Mia. It's quite a way from Wanchai to the cinema at Admiralty by HK standards (about 700m) so we stopped on the way for a little rest at Habitu. It's a rather nice cafe chain here (sorry, "lifestyle driven Italian caffe and bar"), Lizzie, you'd love it! Infinitely better than Starbucks. Beverages of varying popularity were consumed, or not, and we moseyed on over to Pacific Place.

Having bought our tickets (sadly our seats were so close to the screen that we could see Colin Firth's nose hairs) we were left with a bit of time before the chocolate-popcorn could decently be purchased. So we went to Lane Crawford, an uneccesarily swanky HK department store, which had an abundant supply of ludicrously overpriced sofas and the like. A perfect place to while away the minutes before the kitschery began. Ross favoured a rather suggestively shaped seat, known simply as "The Dickie". I'd like everyone to note that in the interests of cultural integration, Ross and I have started to display the obligatory HK-style V sign pose for all photos.

Anyway, the film was quite simply a joy. And Mr N was so moved by Brozzer's power ballad-style rendition of SOS that he iTuned post haste and bought the track that very afternoon. I thought Pierce had something of the Ronan about him, don't you? Or don't you?

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