Monday 8 September 2008

The Man in Seat 61

Now, I know there are a few of you out there who know what I mean by The Man in Seat 61. Imagine my joy when I saw this impressive tome in our local Dymock's bookstore:

Admittedly, it's of limited use to those of us currently residing in the Asia-Pacific region...but that doesn't stop me grinning! Mark Smith, Eurostar's super-affiliate, is going to be (even) rich(er). What's next in the Seat61 licensing plan? Ticket wallets adorned by pics of Mr Smith? Life-size cut-outs at Ebbsfleet? You've got to hand it to him though, the man is a walking international train timetable. He's also a very nice guy, who has clearly worked hard to acquire all this information.


  1. I love the description of Seat 61 as a walking talking international train timetable. I've been involved in a new startup called Loco2 which is also tackling the lack of information and decent online ticket booking for trains. Trains are the future ;) You heard it here first!


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