Monday 8 September 2008

The gee gees are coming

Racing at Happy Valley runs from September to June, and the first race meeting of this season is in just 9 days. According to the HKJC website, we can look forward to a “spectacular day of vigorous races”. Can't wait!

The course is looking great, the turf is absolutely immaculate – Isa, it's smoother than all the quads in Oxford! The white fency things have gone up, there are new posters around, and they've been testing the ginormous floodlights. There was some kind of gala event at the weekend, when there were actually some horses on the track for the first time since we moved in, all very exciting. They didn't race though, just pranced around a bit. For future reference, Wednesday and Saturday are the race nights here, so when you come and visit make sure you build that into your plans.

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