Monday 10 January 2011

37 weeks, January 2011

Pre-Christmas playgroup at our flat

Playgroup in Victoria Park

The boys in the park with Daddy

Here's a picture of our place. We live in Lei Shun Court on Leighton Road in Causeway Bay.

It's a pretty skanky old building that was built in 1958 (ancient!) and might be knocked down in the near future. More on that later!

Excuse the lengthy absence of updates...

So the boys are now 8 and a half months old. They have been pretty poorly the last few days - Josh got ill first, and I took him to see a really nice dr in Causeway Bay, Simon Wong. The doc said that Joshemy just had a cold, so time and paracetamol would help. He got better after a few days, but unfortunately Filo is now poorly with the same thing. The last week's nights have not been ideal, and we've been getting up a few times to administer paracetamol and extra feeds. It is so exhausting, it makes me wonder how we coped with getting up 10 or 12 times a night a few months ago. Of course the answer is that we didn't really cope!

I spend lots of time wondering what the boys will become. Joshy is always so thoughtful, and when he looks at things (like the door bouncer) he always seems to be trying to figure out how it works. And Felix is a giggle monster, who just loooves girls. Josh's just beginning to crawl at the moment - or at least he shifts himself onto all fours, then humps back and forwards a bit before screaming in frustration, and going splat on the floor! Felix shows no signs of crawling yet, but is manic about walking - I bought two pairs of shoes for them the other day, Robeez from Stride Rite in Windsor House (I got them "Mini Shoez", as I thought the leather soled ones would get too slippy on our tile floor) and also a pair from Mothercare in Lee Gardens Two.

Dr Wong - Room 1006, Capital Centre Tower 1 - opposite CB MTR exit F. 2890 3316
Also you can search for english speaking doctors in Hong Kong

Josh learning to walk with Verginia. Verginia is our wonderful live-in helper, and she's quite short, it's not that Josh is an 8-month old giant...

Felix getting to grips with a beer on Jo and Gareth's rooftop at a New Year's Day BBQ

Feeding time at the zoo

A playgroup a while ago, at Caroline's house in Clearwater Bay

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