Friday 21 January 2011

More commando crawling

Felix started crawling yesterday, one week after Josh. We went to a friend's house for a playdate, and Felix decided to show off I think. There was much talk about when to have baby number 2 - of course right now I completely ignore that conversation - the bake shop is closed, as Annie so eloquently puts it. Is 18 months a good age gap? in which case, better get started now! or will a few years' difference make it easier? Never say never, but I am never having another baby. Newborn twins + 6,000 miles from your family + post-natal depression = a very effective deterrent.

Josh was well into the rideable toys that my friend has for her daughter - especially the Rody horse and the lion (that roars).

Two friends popped over yesterday - I love that about living here, friends just call and say they're passing, or they're not busy, and they come over for a cup of tea, or help to bath the babies, or just chat. It's kind of like university, but soooo much better.

The boys woke up quite early this morning, but sang to themselves for a good 30 minutes before we got them up. I've been working on the baby playpen at the end of our sitting room, I've padded everything in sight, so hopefully they won't hurt themselves. Before breakfast this morning they had a lovely time standing by the window, watching the taxis and buses go by.

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