Wednesday 12 January 2011

Movement, 8 1/2 months

BP* has shown some definite signs of self-propelled locomotion today and yesterday. I think it's because I took him to Cath's last week, and he saw Holly Polly and Tom Tom crawling, and got jealous. Anyway, he's now scooting on his tummy a bit, and displaying some fine Downward Dog action too. Still a long way to go before he's fully crawling, but it's a start. I know that once he (and more importantly "they"!) start crawling properly, my life will become much more complicated, but I am pleased that he's started moving anyway. They are both getting so frustrated at not being able to do / reach what they want (I wonder where they get that from?!) so it's nice to see them achieve something.

Josh is still banging things with the heel of his right hand (everything's a drum for Josh) and Felix does the most awesome wobbly bottom lip sometimes. Josh has recovered from his cold now, but Felix got it as soon as BP was better...and Felix also has conjunctivitis now (another trip to the dr) so is still feeling sorry for himself. Eye drops, nose drops and paracetamol, poor little monkey. I also feel like a completely unfit mother since Granary noticed Felix's poorly eye last week, from 6,000 miles away. And I didn't notice it till it was all red. Sorry Filo.

The boys also have two teeth each, with more on the way I think.

Toys for 8 months olds
Fave toys at the moment are Sophie the Giraffe (of course!), the pop-up toy from Granary and Pa, the tug-of-war rings, and the classic stacking rings from Sam. Fave song is Old MacDonald, the sillier the voice the better, and fave story is We're Going on a Bear Hunt.

Where to buy baby coats in Hong Kong
I have tried hard to resist the HK way of wrapping babies up so much that they look like little Michelin men, even in the summer. But it really has got quite nippy here, and the lack of heating / insulation doesn't help. So I decided that the boys needed coats. I ended up getting two nice ones, one baby trench coat stylee from Zara at Times Square, one from Next Children (the UK brand, wierd huh?) which is in Windsor House.

* Baked Potato - Uncle Hairy christened Josh BP when he came to HK in September. Apparently Joshy's all round and solid.

Felix rugged up for the freezing cold weather (seriously, it's 7 degrees today!)
Poorly Felix
Joshy Elliot

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