Tuesday 3 May 2011

Argy bargy

So, Vergenia and her friends went to Sai Kung country park for a BBQ, because it was one of her friends' birthday. They got a BBQ pit, set out their food, including a cake that I had given VJ that was left over from the boys' party, and their radio, and bday presents for this friend. They went off to take a group photo, so asked the indonesian helper of the chinese family at the next BBQ pit to watch their stuff. When they came back, the Chinese family and their two indo helpers had taken all their stuff. They had already split the cake up. taken the other food, the radio, the presents, and a bag of swimmers and clothes that one of them had brought. Obv they were a bit p'd off. So they went and asked for their stuff back. The Chinese boss said that his helper had not understood them because she doesn't speak English (but they had communicated with sign language anyway) and then proceeded to get up in their grills, as they say, and shout, F*** YOU, F*** YOU repeatedly. So VJ, being the only one to speak a bit of Canto, spoke to the dude, asked him to stop abusing them and threatening them, and said never mind about the food, please give us our belongings back, adn please stop using those words, it's offensive. He continued to swear at them, and wouldn't give their stuff back, so VJ's friend called the police. They arrived, and were as effectual as you would expect....they didn't speajk English which made things tricky....they acted as go betweens. The guy refused to apologise, and eventually the police said to VJ "how about if we say sorry on his behalf?" At that stage VJ and her friends gave up, and left. Sad huh?!

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