Thursday 19 May 2011

Proper Bo!

Goh goh is displaying impeccable comic timing. He is awesome at hiding behind the sofa, waiting for just long enough to make you think he's forgotten about it, then popping his head around the corner and giggling. Speaking of sofas, both the boys can now climb up on the sofas. Josh can get down backwards ok, Felix is not quite there yet. Generally Felix tries to climb over the arm of the sofa head first.

Filo pastry is absolutely dedicated to speaking at the moment  - I reckon the first word will be "ball", as he spends a loooot of time saying "bo", as in Bo Selecta. There's a chance that this is actually supposed to be "blue" or even "bamboozled" but I think a noun is likely to be the first offering.

While Vergenia is away Nora is helping me out part time, which is such a relief. I am still working, about 3 hours a day, but I am not going to the office. It makes such a huge difference in what I learn about the boys   - like thy said in the 80's, it's quality time that counts. This morning we have been tickling each other, and Felix has been wearing a necklace made of plastic rings which he put on himself. They've both also been wearing the hats that Jo got them in Oz - I was a bit worried because they haven't been great at keeping hats on in the past, but I think the time is right now! Sadly although the hats are ozzie, they don't have any corks hanging off them.

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