Friday 20 May 2011

Being a SAHM

God I hate that acronym....for those of you not versed in the kiddy world, let me just spell out the things I hate most about it (all perpetrated by adults)

  • Other adults (eg the teachers at My Kiddy Gym) calling me Mummy. I don't mind "Josh's Mummy", "Felix's Mummy" "Sarah" or even "Mooree" but I am not their Mummy. 
  • The tendency to miss out the definite article. "Give Baby a bottle before putting Baby to bed."
  • Naming everything twice, therefore encouraging Baby to jump and land on his feet feet, instead of on his bum bum
  • Adding -y to words. I think there is an important distinction to be drawn here between abbreviations (e.g. brekky) which are ok and complete words (e.g. doggy, horsey) which are not. 

OK, maybe I'm approaching Von Trier territory here so I'll stop....but now that I've got that off my chest I feel much better.

ANYWAY, the point of my post is that the acronym SAHM (stay at home mom, it has to be mom, not mummy) makes my teeth itch. But that is exactly what I have been this week, with the odd 7 hour working day squeezed in too. I am at home with the boys, but working while they have naps, when that happens, and in the evenings after they've gone to bed. I usually only work part time, and I get to see the boys every day, but being with them ALL day makes such a huge difference. Here are some of the things I have noticed.

  • Josh can be utterly fascinated by a process. I was doing up the elastic bits on his shorts yesterday while he was wearing them, and he was focused so intently on what I was doing, it was very sweet. 
  • They can now help to dress and undress themselves. They can pull tshirts off over their heads, and if I hold out their shorts, they can lift one leg then the other to put them on
  • There is one book that they absolutely will not read. WIth any other book, they will sit on my lap, relatively quietly, while I read to them, but not this one. It's this Richard Scarry book, FYI.
  • They are hilarious!
  • They love me, which is nice. They are totally adorable, obviously, and one of their favourite things at the moment is to walk right across the room to me, climb up onto my lap, put their arms around my neck for a micro-hug for 1 second, max, before toddling off to explore another bit of the room.
  • Their tantrum-throwing technique is very advanced for the tender age of 1 year and 3 weeks...
  • They are getting mighty good at shape sorting! they also love to ride in the awesome push along trolley that was their b'day present from Holly Polly. Actually they love to sit in it too, just playing with stuff. 
So that's all for now. It's TWO WEEKS until Granary and Grandpa arrive, and about three until Uncle Hairy and Aunty, um.....we need to figure out a name for Phil!!

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