Thursday 26 May 2011

A world without strangers

By lunchtime today, I had spoken to Brooke, Millie and Sara, I saw Jamie out of the window passing on his way to work, then I saw Mark before going into Starbucks to have a coffee with Jo. Where we bumped into Phippsy, and loads of ex pat tai tais waiting for the Shanghai Tang sale. On the way out of Times Square I bumped into Jac and Camille Elizabeth the First. Then I went to Slices to get pizza for me and Nora for lunch, and bumped into Nath. This afternoon we're going to the park with Annie and Tayla, and later this evening I am going over to the Cultural Centre on the dark side to go to the dress rehearsal of Galaxy: International Ballet Gala 2011. It's a packed day! I guess it's kind of weird to see so many people you know everywhere you go. I'm sure some would find it claustrophobic, but not me. I love it.

Granary and Grandpa arrive a week today, very exciting! Also Vergenia gets back tonight, typhoon Songda permitting. Nora the Explorer has been a wonder, but I am looking forward to having V home.

PS - the next day I bumped into Jacqui on the way to work, and the day after that we saw Claudia in the lift going to see the same play as us at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

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