Tuesday 15 July 2008

HK may not be malarial, but it sure ain't short of mosquitoes...

Woke up this morning with very itchy mosquito bites, grrr! I have stupidly spent far too long in two infested areas - Happy Valley Colonial Cemetery and the Lugard-Harlech Road trail.

We went to the cemetery on Sunday afternoon, after visiting friends' apartment in Happy Valley. Peggy told us that her father, Ross's great-grandfather died in HK (between 1916 and 1918 I think) and is buried in the cemetery. We hunted for quite a while, but no sign of Norman Christopher Pope. I think we'll go back another time and try to get a bit more guidance!

I got bus 15 to the Peak yesterday, it goes up Stubbs Road right past the top of the cemetery. The graves are all crammed in on terraces get tinier and tinier as you climb the sets of steep steps. Here's a vid of part of the journey - you can see the HV racecourse.

Happy Valley is now a very relaxed-feeling, villagey area, with a good mix of residential blocks (often with long, green views of the racecourse), shops, cafes and poodle parlours. However, back in the day it was one of the first bases for troops of the British Army. It was quickly discovered that many of them were succombing to a mysterious fever - now recognised as malaria - so the barracks was moved. Most of the swampiness was done away with, but the name Happy Valley, a euphemism for cemetery, remains.

Find out more about Happy Valley on Wikipedia

Just in case you were wondering, I have found rather a lovely pic of exactly what yesterday's lunch looked like. Of course, Hello Kitty is Japanese but hey, I'm not the only one. The good news is that there might be a Hello Kitty theme park soon!

We went to a great noodle and dumpling place last night, Zhing Nong on Jaffe Rd, next to the Fortis Bank Tower. Getting used to all addresses being part of a tower - even Ikea is part of the Park Lane hotel tower!

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