Monday 28 July 2008


We went to Lamma yesterday. It's the third largest island in Hong Kong, and it has quite a hippy, laidback feel to it. There are lots of beaches, a few cafes, various trinket shops, and a great big coal-fired power station.

We had quite a chillaxing little break on the Power Station Beach (that's actually what it's called) and even went in the sea. I didn't like it all that much because there's a load of crap in the sea, so stuff keeps brushing up against your legs, which I HATE. But apart from that, the sea was nice and warm but refreshing. There seemt o be almost as many dogs as people on Lamma - they are mostly of the yappy lap dog variety, and are all forced to swim / nearly drown, as their owners look on and giggle adoringly.

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