Monday 14 July 2008

We've arrived

It's hard to believe that today is only our third day here - I've already been to Ikea and got a mobile, it feels like home already!

Our serviced apartment is in Wanchai, which used to be known as Ha Wan. The district has been developing fast recently - some have compared it to the rejuvenation of New York's meat packing district. There are loads of bars and restaurants here (not to mention the euphemistically-named "girlie bars", and a few "boy bars" too).

The apartment is perfect, quite spacious for an HK flat, very effective air-conditioning and a wonderful location. There's not much in the kitchen, hence the trip to Ikea - I don't think even I could survive for 6 weeks without a peeler! I've mastered the laundry, but have now worked out that it'll be cheaper to get it done round the corner.

I've been up to the Peak today - it was a lovely clear day, after lots of nighttime thunderstorms in the last few days. I paid $20 to go up to the viewing platform in thePeak Tower, which was a waste. At least it's only £1.20 or so. I followed the path along Lugard Road and onto Harlech Road which has stunning panoramic views - much better than from the Peak. For free.

Best of all, you can see all around the island - the main viewpoint from Peak Tower just looks north east over Central and Wan Chai to North Point.

Off for a drink and dinner with Ross now.

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