Monday 28 July 2008

The Peak again

After all our flat-viewing on Saturday morning, followed by a bit of deliberation at Moon's Kitchen in Happy Valley, we decided to head out to Stanley to sit on the seafront and drink beer. However, the bus to the Peak arrived first, so we went there instead. Managed to take a little video on the way back down - the first part is pretty rubbish, as I am continuing the Wyatt tradition of movie-making, but towards the end you get a good view of Happy Valley, including Race Tower, where we will (fingers crossed) be living. You'll see the big green bit with pitches and tennis courts on it, and our building's right on the edge of that. Daddy will be disappointed that we're not on the top floor...However, we did see an apartment in the same building on the top floor on Saturday. It was a proper bachelor pad, complete with mirror glass walls a la James Bond (so you can't tell where the doors are), and a glass shower cubicle in the middle of the lounge.

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  1. Sarah does favour the top floor of almost all her living accomodation so far, but a shower in the lounge is probably one step too far!


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