Monday 21 July 2008

Taming the dragon

The weather on Saturday morning was pretty bad - lots of rain and thunderstorm warnings. However, it cleared up late morning so we got the (sloooow) tram to Shau Kei Wan, and got on the bus towards Shek O. We got off a few miles later, near the mini-roundabout, and headed off along a truncated version of the Dragon's Back, a mini-trek down the spine of the Shek O peninsula. It was quite easy walking, quite a few steps, but nothing too bad. However, in the sunshine it was very tiring, and I got a bit of a betty on to be honest. Well, a lot of a betty. But at least I didn't look as silly as Ross.

It took about two hours in total, and we were rewarded with a little rest on the beach at Shek O, with some scrumpsh spring rolls to get our strength up again. And an ice cream. Obviously. Here's a shot looking down on Shek O from the end of the Dragon's Back.

Then headed back to town for drinks at a trendy wine bar, 1/5 Nuevo, up on Star Street. They have Torres Esmerelda wine, which is what we had at our wedding, yummy. Then supper at Bodega Riojana, a Spanish style tapas place - nice to have something European, but it was a bit overpriced I think.

On Sunday we saw about 10 flats in Happy Valley, which varied a lot. One quite small and old one, which had a fantasic view of the racecourse through 2 patio-type windows; a couple of really nice ones with unusual (but nice!) decor, but very little in the way of views. So I hope we can find a compromise. Will just have to keep looking!

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