Wednesday 16 July 2008

Spent the whole day yesterday looking for and applying for jobs, which was pretty soul destroying. However, as a result of my efforts, I had an interview with eBay today, over in Sheung Wan. It seemed to go pretty well - watch this space.

Ask anyone who's lived here "What's so great about Hong Kong?" and they'll pretty much all reply that life is so easy here. It certainly seems true so far (except for our disastrous attempt at going for a run last night!) and here's one of the reasons.

Public transport is cheap, clean, fast and reliable. The tram costs $2, about 13p, regardless of how far you go. It's also supercute!

It takes Ross 12 minutes, door-to-door to get to work - what could be better? That's pretty much how long it took me to get to Sawbo station in the mornings, let alone the train from there!

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