Monday 28 July 2008

Serious risk of heatstroke

Today is the hottest since we arrived - 36 degrees. with a "feels like" temperature of 45.9. It reminds me of Times House actually, all I need now is a little trip down to Tesco with Sukh to stand near the fridges.

It's also high to very high on the pollution scale. The air felt very different this morning, and it felt a lot cooler (don't know what happened since then!) but it's seriously hazy - Tsim Sha Tsui , on the tip of the Kowloomn peninsula bout a mile away, is shrouded in mist today. Feels ok though - my eyes have stung a bit today, but breathing seems ok so far....

Actually, the pollution levels on that day were the highest ever recorded in Hong Kong. The light was a bit weird all day, and as the sun set (through the brownish haze) I took a couple of pics to show the strange colours.

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