Friday 1 August 2008

Chillin' in Stanley

I took myself off to Stanley yesterday afternoon, part of my recovery plan after Wednesday night. We went out for sushi with friends, then as it was our wedding anniversary, we insisted on going to Gecko for a bit of jazz to celebrate. Gecko is very hard to find, but is (deservedly) often cited as the best bar in Hong Kong. While I can't say I've been to every bar here, I'd be impressed if anyone could beat a Wednesday night at Gecko.

Stanley was lovely, really quiet because it was a mid-week afternoon, and the weather was perfect - comfortably warm, but without the intense direct sun we have had recently. I explored Murray House a bit too, which houses some interesting-looking restaurants (German-themed dinner anyone?)

Time Out says:
The neo-classical Murray House stood for a century and a half in Central (at the spot now occupied by the Bank of China Tower) until 1982, when it was dismantled, the granite blocks numbered (still visible if you look closely) and put into storage. It was only recently that it was reassembled here. One of the earliest colonial structures in Hong Kong, it dates to 1843, when it was used as a mess for British army officers.

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