Thursday 28 August 2008


I joined the YWCA yesterday, which organises lots of courses here that range from the useful (Beginner's Cantonese) to the frankly baffling (Funky Felting). The good news is that annual membership covers you, your spouse, any children, and your helper. So, among other things, your helper can learn how to make Christmas Canapes. Do you think I'd be allowed to go to that course? Anyway, I haven't quite decided what to sign up for, but I can pretty much guarantee that Power Crochet will end up top of my list.

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  1. Hello!

    Funky felting gets my vote. We were in darkest Maryland a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across an exhibition by a Swedish artist who specialises in felting. She'd made the most amazing parade of penguins, amongst other things.

    And what exactly is a 'helper'? Is that HK code for 'servant'? Surely not.

    Glad you survived the storm unscathed. Must be amazing watching from your eyrie of an apartment. Looks like you've found yourselves a fantastic place. So funny seeing that familiar stripey cushion in yet another flat!



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