Tuesday 19 August 2008

Home Sweet Home...nearly

No sightseeing this weekend (we thought we'd better slow the pace a bit) but Ross has collected his first batch of tailor made shirts, so more ironing for me, hurrah! We also spent quite a while shopping for furniture on Queen's Road East, and at GOD in Causeway Bay. I would go so far as to say that GOD is as cool as all the other stores we've been to , combined - lots of elegant furniture, quirky home accessories and some kitschy gifts too.

We got the keys to the flat on Saturday evening, and spent a while there running about, getting excited, and planning where all our stuff will go.

We've managed to get a TV and broadband sorted out - it's pretty simple here because everything is open till 9 or 10pm from Monday to Saturday, and until about 7pm on Sunday. And it's completely normal for your estate agent to call you at 9pm on a Sunday evening. Handy!

A couple of views from the flat

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