Thursday 28 August 2008

Home Sweet last

So we are now properly settled into the flat, we've got broadband and TV, figured out how to work the aircon, sorted out all the keys. I haven't quite mastered the washing machine yet though...there's no hot water inlet, so it can only wash cold. Mind you, the tap water is not exactly cold here! Anyway, I'll work it out somehow.

I've taken a couple of pics from the flat to show you the view, which is gorgeous. We have a superb view of the racecourse, and across to Central where all the massive towers are. Also a little vid to show the panorama - it starts looking up towards Happy Valley proper, then you see the stands of the racecourse, with views up to Magazine Gap Road beyond, then past the Hopewell Centre (the big round one) and then you get a glimpse of the pointy Bank of China building, and of course IFC 2.

The racing season starts again on 17 September, can't wait! The course is pretty quiet and deserted at the moment, apart from the joggers on the Ambulance track. Racing is something of an obsession here, partly because it is the only legalised form of gambling. Actually, you can also bet on selected overseas football matches, but the Hong Kong Jockey Club holds the monopoly on betting.

The HKJC makes an incredible amount of money, but they are obliged to use the money for public good - they are a non profit-making organisation. The tax paid by HKJC makes up almost 12% of Hong Kong's total tax revenue - it's a big organisation! They have donated over HK$1billion a year to good causes over the last decade. As a result, their logo is everywhere - many clinics and hospitals are funded by HKJC.

Here's where we are:

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